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Springboard is an innovative program that is designed to meet the needs of young adults ages 18-22 who are aging out of foster care or who are in danger of becoming homeless.    These youth are at a critical point in their transition to full independence, and Springboard offers the support and tools they need.  Springboard provides high quality, conveniently located, independent living arrangements.  We supply real-world life skills training, tutoring, mentoring and therapeutic services that will help the  young adults move to self-sufficiency.  Springboard strives to make sure no young adult becomes a negative statistic.  We provide the stepping stones they need to create their own positive, productive and independent life.  

*Click Here to See the Breakdown of Sizes and Details for these Children*

It’s not really Christmas present specific, but here are some items that we need now/all the time:

Pull Ups 4T/5T
Hair gel
Hair oil sheen
Hair brushes and accessories (headbands, clips, bobby pins, barrettes, ponytail holders,
Feminine hygiene items (tampons, pads, summer’s eve)
Body wash & body sprays (boys & girls scents)
Baby Powder
Baby Shampoo
Toothbrush & Tootpaste
Dental Floss
Body lotion (all types)
Baby oil gel
Lip gloss
Shampoo & condition
Nail polish, remover, cotton balls


They love to do crafts & special projects (like make vision boards & jewelry) so these items are always used:

Poster board (heavy duty foam kind best—small & large size)
Hot glue guns & sticks
Craft/scrapbooking decorative papers (glittery, patterned, design)
Magazines (all types: teen, young adult, ebony, essence, Hispanic, people, home & garden, etc.)  
Reg glue & glue sticks
Rubber band bracelet supplies
Friendship string bracelet supplies
Friendship bead bracelet supplies
Larger bead bracelets for younger kiddos

Household items we could really use too:

Twin sizes sheets (all colors and patterns—fun for kids of all ages)
Queen size Blankets
Bath Towels
Bathroom rugs
Large Electric Griddle With Removable Handles (new)
Electric skillets (new)

And of course, food (of any kind!) to fill the pantry:

Beans (red, pinto, black)
Baked beans
Any vegetables
Any fruits
Pasta sauce
Vienna sausages
Any Chef Boyardee
Tomato sauce
Salad dressings (Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island)

Peanut butter

Jelly (strawberry)

Sloppy joe mix
Dry cereal
Pop Tarts
Lunch box items (chips lunchables, fruit, cookies, juice boxes, crackers, pretzels, jello, pudding)
Microwave popcorn
Animal crackers
Vegetable oil


*Please be sure to bring in the Donations to the Office by December 21st*